Hillrom signs partnership with Aiva to facilitate voice-enabled clinical workflows

July 28, 2020 – Hillrom (Chicago, IL) announced a new commercial partnership with Aiva, enabling hands-free communication for patients and staff utilizing an in-room voice assistant and Hillrom’s Voalte Mobile solution.

Hillrom’s Voalte system is a mobile clinical communication platform with a comprehensive solution that includes hands-free caregiver-to-caregiver communication as well as nurse call, medical device integration, alert and alarm management, and waveform digitization.

With appropriate patient authorization, Aiva technology utilizes voice services like Amazon Alexa to facilitate totally touch-free communication, allowing a caregiver to enter a patient room in full PPE and dial other caregivers through Hillrom’s Voalte mobile technology without touching their mobile device or PPE, both in and out of sterile environments. The Aiva technology also allows patients to speak to the device to contact a nurse. This request will be automatically routed to the nurse’s Hillrom Voalte mobile application and confirm to the patient that help is on the way.

The combined Voalte/Aiva technology is available on a subscription basis in the U.S.

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