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The Biggie

A federal judge in Virginia has ruled the healthcare reform violates the Constitution (as claimed by Virginia). But it’s centered on the individual mandate – not the legislation as a whole. Read the Wall Street Journal’s story here

Radioactive ACO

Could ACOs “dramatically” affect the radiology departments in hospitals? That’s discussed as one section of an overall assessment for radiologists at Diagnostic Imaging. Of particular interest:

A model where radiologists are employees is likely to become an increasingly attractive option for new radiologists coming out of residency under an outcomes-driven model. It offers predictable shifts, a more scheduled work life, and a stable income


Read the full article here


A group of hospitals have sent a letter to the Medical Device Manufacturers Association saying the trade association’s stance on GPO’s is, well, “unbelievable.”

Fourteen of the nation’s largest hospital systems sent a letter to the chairman of the Medical Device Manufacturers Association today asserting that the trade group’s position on health care group purchasing organizations is “unbelievable,” and would drive the costs of delivering health care across the country higher. The hospital letter profoundly disputes findings in a recent device association report, saying that health care costs would rise without the involvement of GPOs, not fall as the industry group suggests.

“Our decades of experience negotiating with manufacturers tell us that it is implausible to think device manufacturers would voluntarily reduce prices for any sustained period of time if GPOs were funded directly by hospitals, as your report suggests,” the hospitals wrote. The group of fourteen hospitals emphasized the negative impact the MDMA proposal would have on smaller hospitals, saying that many “would lose access to the critical help their GPOs provide in monitoring and controlling supply costs.”


Read a release here

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