Innovation Showcase: ReavillMED

JHC_Aug15_InnovationShowcaseReavillMED has developed an innovative way to make the first needlestick in a hospital accomplish all therapies. Gone are all the painful and wasteful needle restarts that clinicians routinely provide. For hospitals, fewer stocked items and reduced hospital lengths of stay are byproducts of this long overdue efficiency.

The one-needle hospital stay
The concept is simple. Once the patient is admitted to the hospital, the clinician inserts the PICC line catheter. The PICC line may be used for all patient needs and, if necessary, it can remain with the patient at discharge. These versatile, arm-placed central lines have been used for well over 30 years in home health for long-term IV therapies and blood draws. But, their use in emergency medicine, EMS and early-stage hospital admissions has been limited, due to their long insertion times (typically 30 minutes).

ReavillMED has changed the role and utilization of PICC lines by making them significantly easier and quicker to insert. The technology infuses their long PICC line catheter into an IV line, similar to the way an IV push is given. If the patient has a good working IV line in a good vein, the clinician will only need to add this device to the line to make it a long-term PICC.

The patient can be discharged sooner, because once the decision has been made to discharge him or her to home health, the required PICC line is already in place. For patients who won’t need extended IV care, the PICC line is removed prior to discharge. Hospital PICC teams need no longer scramble on Fridays and Mondays to place the PICCs required to discharge patients and free up hospital beds. Patients who have a PICC line require no needles, and once the product is placed, it may be used for up to one year.

About ReavillMED
ReavillMED is named after Fred Reavill, who died of an infected central line catheter in 1994. Fred’s son, Matt Reavill, developed the company and the product in order to prevent these types of deaths from occurring. This new central line from ReavillMED has won several global competitions for medical device innovation, healthcare reform, improved patient safety and healthcare waste reduction. The product is available for sale in the U.S. and has U.S. FDA 510K clearance.

Editor’s note: Sponsored by ReavillMED