Intalere signs agreement with Healthcare Technology Group (HTG) for medical equipment management services

January 12, 2021 – Intalere (St. Louis, MO) announced a new agreement for medical equipment management and repair services from Healthcare Technology Group (HTG).

Through this agreement, Intalere members will receive negotiated pricing on HTG’s custom, flexible asset management plans to assist with the management and maintenance of medical devices across the member facility.

HTG works with members to help reduce costs and optimize their healthcare technology management programs. HTG services include clinical asset management solutions, healthcare technology consulting and healthcare technology management temporary labor solutions.

HTG’s mission is to use a combination of expertise, innovation, and healthcare technology knowledge to unlock savings and efficiencies in medical equipment management. The company takes on the burden of managing the life-cycle costs of clients’ medical equipment so that clinical staff can focus on delivering world-class care and optimizing outcomes for their patients.

The contract is currently effective through December 31, 2023.

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