June 2010 Issue

Editor’s Note

Regional Purchasing Profile: Amerinet Western Regional Alliance (AWRA)

Meet the Cousins
It’s not exactly ‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ but the non-hospital market does take some getting used to by IDN contracting executives

Solutions for Survival
As pressure mounts for IDNs to show cost savings, supply chain execs look for efficiency solutions to meet their needs

VHA Conference: Get set for value-based purchasing
In this context, ‘purchasing’ refers to Medicare’s purchases of hospital services

Vision, courage and confidence
For one COO, creating an environment of diversity and inclusion – and having confidence in his employees’ abilities – leads to a first-rate workforce and, ultimately, better patient care.

Sky Pilot
Riding in a hot air balloon is like watching a giant IMAX screen, says Wayne Mohring

HIGPA column

View from Washington

Contracting News

Observation Deck

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