Masimo announces consumer launch of Radius T° Continuous Thermometer

October 6, 2020  –  Masimo (Irvine, CA) announced the launch of the Radius T° Continuous Thermometer for consumers. Unlike spot-check, episodic thermometers, the wearable, wireless Radius T° measures body temperature continuously – transmitting data and customizable temperature notifications to the user’s smartphone.

Radius T° continuously and seamlessly measures temperatures using a small, disposable wearable sensor that can be worn for up to eight days, and is water resistant during shower and exercise.

Using built-in Bluetooth, the sensor easily pairs with the Masimo Radius T° App on the user’s smartphone, providing real-time temperature values with user-definable automatic notifications (for example, when temperature exceeds a certain user-selected threshold or if it spikes), as well as detailed historical trending data, revealing the baseline and fluctuation patterns unique to each person that can help users determine whether a rise in temperature warrants action.

Radius T° eliminates manual measurements while providing continuous insight into changes in the user’s temperature and helps users understand which way their temperature is trending.

The Radius T° uses proprietary algorithms to provide body temperature measurements for users five years or older that approximate oral temperature, not just external skin temperature. Radius T° provides temperature measurements with laboratory accuracy within ±0.1°C, whereas other oral thermometry solutions typically have laboratory accuracy within ±0.2°C.

Radius T° is not FDA 510(k) cleared. The device is marketed under the FDA’s Enforcement Policy for Clinical Electronic Thermometers During COVID-19. Radius T° is CE marked.

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