Masimo: New study shows greater depth of patient sedation than intended during procedural colonoscopy

August 04, 2020 – Masimo (Irvine, CA) announced that, in a new study published in Anesthesia Research and Practice, researchers used Masimo SedLine Brain Function Monitoring to investigate the depth of anesthesia of patients receiving propofol for outpatient colonoscopy.

The role of anesthesiologists in keeping patients appropriately sedated, and not over- or under-sedated, is critically important, Masimo says. The company’s Masimo SedLine has been shown to help anesthesiologists understand the patient’s sedation state using PSi values as well as through interpretation of the raw EEG and the Density Spectral Array that SedLine provides. In the current study, researchers showed that even in outpatient procedures, like colonoscopy, there is still a risk of patients being over-anesthetized, leading to burst suppression, which was identified using the PSi available as part of Masimo SedLine brain function monitoring.

Based on the results, the researchers concluded, “The depth of sedation achieved with anesthesia administered propofol for colonoscopy spans a continuum. Although providers planned for moderate to deep sedation, processed EEG in this study revealed a substantially greater depth consistent with general anesthesia and even burst suppression.”

Additionally, the researches said that, “Feedback from devices such as [the ones] employed in this study to guide the depth of sedation may be considered to not only raise awareness of the physiologic implications of deeper levels of sedation but also to optimize institutional sedation practice.”

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