Mayo Clinic launches two new tech companies

April 15, 2021 – Mayo Clinic has announced a new technology platform initiative to new clinical decision support tools, diagnostic insights, and care recommendations to help clinicians make faster and more accurate diagnoses and provide continuous care to patients.

The Remote Diagnostics and Management Platform (RDMP) connects data with new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and augments human decision-making within existing clinical workflows.

Mayo Clinic has launched two new companies, with partners, to support the newly created RDMP.

Mayo Clinic and AI-driven health technology company, nference, have formed Anumana Inc. to create and bring to market innovative digital sensor diagnostics by applying nference AI to Mayo’s deep repository of medical data.

Anumana will focus initially on designing state-of-the-art neural network algorithms based on billions of relevant pieces of heart health data in Mayo Clinic’s Clinical Data Analytics Platform, including raw electrocardiogram (ECG) signals, to unlock hidden biomedical knowledge and enable early detection as well as accelerate treatment of heart disease.

Mayo Clinic and Commure, a General Catalyst portfolio technology company that helps innovators accelerate delivery of next-generation healthcare experiences, launched Lucem Health Inc., to provide the overall platform for connecting remote patient telemetry devices with AI-enabled algorithms, including those developed by Anumana and Mayo Clinic, and for integrating diagnostic insights generated by these algorithms into clinical workflows. Lucem’s platform collects, orchestrates, and curates data from virtually any device; hosts and supports AI/ML runtime algorithms; and delivers application development frameworks and services for workflow integration.

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