Medtronic announces FDA clearance for two AccuRhythm AI algorithms for use with LINQ II ICM

July 28, 2021  –  Medtronic plc (Dublin, Ireland) announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for two AccuRhythm AI algorithms for use with the LINQ II insertable cardiac monitor (ICM).

AccuRhythm AI applies artificial intelligence (AI) to heart rhythm event data collected by LINQ II, improving the accuracy of information physicians receive so they can better diagnose and treat abnormal heart rhythms.

AccuRhythm AI validation data will be presented this week at Heart Rhythm 2021, the Heart Rhythm Society’s annual Heart Rhythm meeting.

The company says that the small, wireless LINQ II ICM is the world’s most accurate ICM, and the new cloud-based AccuRhythm AI algorithms further enhance LINQ II ICM’s delivery of accurate heart rhythm alerts. The algorithms address the two common ICM false alerts – atrial fibrillation (AF), an irregular or rapid rhythm in the upper chambers of the heart; and asystole, a long pause between heartbeats.

The AccuRhythm AI algorithms will be released on the CareLink Network later this year for use by all implanted LINQ II devices in the U.S.

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