Olympus announces new endoscope reprocessing technology

October 1, 2020  –  Olympus (Center Valley, PA) announced the market availability of the OER-Elite, its next-gen automated endoscope reprocessor (AER).

The OER-Elite simultaneously cleans and disinfects up to two endoscopes in 28 minutes, the company says. Disinfection is accomplished using Acecide-C, a peracetic acid-based disinfectant.

The system also offers a cleaning cycle, using a combination of EndoQuick alkaline detergent and ultrasonic cleaning. Research shows that this combination is the most effective way to remove foreign matter from the endoscope surface.

The OER-Elite is compatible with Olympus endoscopes, including the new TJF-Q190V duodenoscope, through its distal connector for endoscopes with forceps elevators.

Other new design features of the OER-Elite include:

  • Connecting endoscopes to the AER is simplified with color-coding, automatic monitoring, and guided by step-by-step illustrated instructions displayed on a smart user interface.
  • Loading scopes into the AER is made easier with a bigger basin that is wider and deeper than its predecessor AER (OER-Pro).
  • Managing scope leaks is made less complicated with a dedicated decontamination cycle that limits fluid invasion, designed to reduce service costs and eliminate the need for manual soaking.
  • Navigation and detailed troubleshooting instructions based on human factors principles are visible on an LCD touch screen to guide the user through use and recovery.
  • Checking disinfectant levels is simpler with convenient access to the minimum recommended concentration port at the top of the machine.

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