Olympus signs exclusive deal to distribute Ultravision surgical smoke management system in the U.S.

September 10, 2020  –  Olympus (Center Valley, PA) entered into an exclusive agreement with Alesi Surgical Limited to distribute the 510(k)-cleared Ultravision surgical smoke control system in the U.S.

In the United States, Ultravision is cleared for use in laparoscopic and open surgery. Ultravision suppresses the aerosolization of surgical smoke and mist using the highly characterized process of electrostatic precipitation. Clinical research has shown that Ultravision improves visibility, prevents the release of surgical smoke into the operating room, reduces patient CO2 exposure and facilitates “low pressure” laparoscopic surgery.

Ultravision addresses three major challenges in managing surgical smoke: managing surgical smoke, improving workflow, and minimizing CO2 exposure to the patient, the company says.

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