Over half of hospitals not adhering to price transparency laws

June 24, 2022 – About 51% of hospitals websites evaluated in a recent JAMA study did not adhere to either price transparency requirement. The new study is in keeping with previous research which shows similar results in provider’s adherence to price transparency.

The No Surprises Act, which became effective January 1, requires hospitals to post the prices for their most common procedures as well as a patient-friendly tool to help shop for 300 common services.
Researchers found that hospitals located in moderately concentrated or highly concentrated healthcare markets were significantly less likely to be transparent with their prices.

Interestingly, hospital characteristics such as total gross revenue, size, emergency service capabilities, and ownership type were not associated with a facility’s adherence to the mandate.

Other findings include:

  • Almost 14% of hospitals had a machine-readable file but no shoppable display
  • 30% of hospitals had a shoppable display but not a machine-readable file
  • Less than 6% of hospitals were compliant with both components of the mandate

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