Premier Inc., AstraZeneca work to reduce hospitalizations of patients with hyperkalemia

Bottle of pills on a conveyor belt

August 18, 2020 – Premier Inc. (Charlotte, NC) has reached a significant milestone in its partnership with AstraZeneca that is aimed at reducing hospitalizations among patients with hyperkalemia, which is characterized by higher-than-normal potassium levels. Premier Applied Sciences has implemented evidence-based care practices with nearly 370 hospitals across the U.S. designed to prevent patients with hyperkalemia from requiring treatment in the acute-care setting.

Together, Premier Applied Sciences and AstraZeneca have developed a protocol for monitoring and treating patients with hyperkalemia. The protocol includes the potential use of LOKELMA (sodium – zirconium cyclosilicate), a potassium binder indicated for the treatment of hyperkalemia in adults.

Hospitals participating in the partnership are eligible for discounts on LOKELMA from AstraZeneca. These evidence-based care practices allow hospitals to improve care delivery with an aim to reduce the risk for admissions and readmissions for patients with hyperkalemia.

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