Premier Inc. brands technology and services platform as “PINC AI”

August 9, 2021  –  Premier Inc. (Charlotte, NC) announced that it is branding its comprehensive technology and services platform “PINC AI,” effective immediately.

The name PINC AI was selected to honor the brand’s roots within Premier, while also highlighting the company’s planned development and expansion of AI and other cutting-edge technologies across the platform.

The PINC AI platform now includes Premier’s benchmarking, analytics, reporting and clinical technologies. Combined, this technology backbone includes 20 years’ worth of cost, quality and operational data points gleaned from more than 45% of U.S. hospital discharges, as well as 812 million hospital outpatient and clinic encounters and 131 million physician office visits, the company says.

With one of the largest healthcare datasets in the industry, PINC AI provides actionable intelligence that improves outcomes, supports improved financial performance and enables success in new, alternative payment models.

“Naming our technology and services platform PINC AI reflects our strategy to provide comprehensive solutions, leveraging innovative technologies and embedded services to drive better, smarter healthcare,” said Michael J. Alkire, President and CEO of Premier. “With PINC AI, we are creating a single identity with a single message that we believe makes our value proposition much clearer for our members and other stakeholders. PINC AI clarifies the way all our technologies work together seamlessly to address market challenges, including quality and cost of care. PINC AI also will support a consolidated commercial model for our Performance Services businesses, enabling us to go to market as a leading solutions provider for optimized performance and accelerated innovation in healthcare.”

PINC AI offerings help optimize performance in three main areas:

  1. Clinical intelligence solutions include current analytics, real-time clinical surveillance, AI-enabled clinical decision support, and performance improvement consulting and collaborative.
    • The company expects to extend this suite of solutions into adjacent markets by automating administrative tasks, such as documentation and coding support and prior authorization reviews, to enhance value for providers and payers. Also included is Premier Applied Sciences for the development of research, real-world evidence and clinical trials innovation for medical device, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies.
  2. Margin improvement solutions include current analytics, workforce management, integrated financial reporting, enterprise resource planning and consulting services to help lower total costs and improve provider operating margins by finding and eliminating unnecessary healthcare spend and inefficient tasks.
  3. Value-based care solutions include current analytics, benchmarking, physician enterprise technologies, consulting and collaboratives to help health systems implement effective models of care and succeed in new, value-based payment arrangements.
    • PINC AI is also the data and technology engine powering Contigo Health, which connects technology-enabled, high-value provider networks to employer-sponsored health plans and Remitra, Premier’s cloud-based solution to automate invoicing and payables between providers and suppliers.

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