Premier, Inc. releases guidance for upcoming combined COVID-19/Flu season

September 16, 2020 – From the Premier, Inc. blog:

“Medical practices have overcome more obstacles than ever while handling the public health emergency. Balancing patient needs, personal safety concerns for providers and staff, and bottom-line business needs has been daunting for most.

“Coming into the fall, medical groups anticipate a resurgence of COVID-19-symptomatic patients. At the same time, they are continuing to accommodate the backlog of pent-up demand from the first shutdown this spring. Providers are motivated to stay open and ensure their patients have access to appropriate and necessary care. And underlying all of this, they have a financial imperative that would hamper a second shutdown.

“Medical practices need to take the lessons learned from the first surge and create a plan to coexist with COVID-19 and flu season…

To see what Premier has defined as the four key areas of focus with critical action items, click here.