Premier responds to Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force recommendations

June 9, 2021  –  Premier, Inc. (Charlotte, NC) released a statement on the comprehensive 100-day supply chain assessment for pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) done by the Biden administration.

The company says the assessment “provides a needed and important step forward in addressing vulnerabilities.”

Premier says it appreciates that the administration recognizes that creating a resilient pharmaceutical supply chain requires:

  1. Ongoing public-private sector engagement
  2. Segment specific solutions due to the unique nature of the pharmaceutical supply chain
  3. Upstream visibility and transparency into the source of ingredients and manufacturing sites
  4. Identification of financial incentives beyond use of the Defense Production Act to help drive private sector willingness to develop domestic production capacity

“It is in our economic interest to have every product possible on contract and available at competitive prices,” Premier says.

Premier is also developing new supplier relationships to encourage increased domestic capacity in the market for both APIs and finished drugs, driving more supply consistency and reduced prices through greater competition.

Premier has brought more than 150 shortage drugs to market, and has successfully protected supply even as demand surged more than 150 percent during the pandemic. Our efforts have paid off as eight products added to ProvideGx have since been delisted from the FDA drug shortage list.

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