Publisher’s Letter: Caution Ahead

Health systems are making changes. Some of those changes are drastic. Suppliers and IDNs are moving away from the old distributor-health system relationship model in significant numbers. A lot of them are moving toward self-distribution.

To better understand how this shift is impacting the healthcare supply chain, I went straight to the source – by interviewing supply chain leaders from six successful IDNs, including Intermountain Healthcare, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Novant Health. Each has embarked on initiatives to drastically change the way they procure every sort of supply or service their institutions require. The interviews and information is presented in my second book, Caution Ahead.

There are many reasons these organizations are looking into or implementing self-distribution, but the theme I see in all their stories is control. In a changing marketplace and changing payment models and the uncertainty that comes with reform, these IDNs are searching for more control over their spend, enough so that they are willing to invest millions of dollars in warehousing and updated IT technology and transportation costs to make it happen.

Whether you’re a supply chain leader considering changes to how you purchase, or a supplier and distributor grappling with radical changes to your business, Caution Ahead will provide you with a more nuanced understanding of what exactly these changes may mean for your organization.

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John Pritchard