Publisher’s Letter September/October 2006

News to Use

Wow, how time flies. It seems like we were just starting to execute on our 2006 objectives, and now we are looking to 2007 as fall is upon us.

Every year around this time we finalize our media guide that lays out the topics we can explore that will help IDN and hospital professionals drive contracting initiatives. The main themes and topics for 2007 will prove to be very interesting in The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

In 2007 we will explore one special theme in each issue. They are:

  • Contracting for the pharmacy
  • Patient safety
  • Reimbursements for new technologies
  • 10 People to Watch
  • Outsourcing service lines
  • Contracting for physician preference items.

In addition to the special themes in each issue, other subjects include contracting with the government, a construction report, contracting for non-clinical products and pricing transparency.

At face value, all of the themes and topics are important to IDNs and hospitals. However, for these articles to truly provide insight and understanding we need one more element.


For us to provide true value to our readers, your input is essential to the process.

Please review these topics and let us know if you’d like to participate in these issues. We love to receive opinions and input from IDN and hospital professionals on how these issues are affecting the front lines. Write us e-mails. Send us letters. Call us. We know it is pretty easy to come up with ideas to explore, but to make the exploration of these topics fruitful, we need your insight.

And as always, please enjoy this issue of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

About the Author

John Pritchard
John Pritchard is the publisher of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.