Quick Bytes

The MotherBox Truly Wireless Charger features a main receiver, which provides on-demand power for both iOS and Android devices. The charger is designed to top up a battery from as far away as 20 inches, without a point of contact or cables, while achieving the same charge as a standard USB 2.0 cable. Devices can be used during charging, and multiple devices can be charged simultaneously. In addition, the MotherBox has a mini version for on-the-go use. Stash it in your bag to charge anytime you need. The closer you get to the device, the faster the charging rate. ($79)

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Card-sized computer
The credit-card sized Compute Card by Intel is a mini-computer designed for easy insertion into smart devices, making it easier to upgrade devices, rather than having to purchase a new system. The computer includes essentially all of the same aspects of a standard-sized computer, including a processor, memory, storage and wireless tech.

For more information visit http://time.com/4626654/ces-2017-best-gadgets/.

Virtual reality

Shouldn’t smart phones do more than make calls or host video chats? The Zenfone AR by Asus is designed to provide augmented and virtual reality experiences. It supports two platforms created by Google to enable Tango and Daydream, meaning its hardware is tailored to track motion, perceive depth and learn about its surroundings to run AR and VR apps.

For more information visit http://time.com/4626654/ces-2017-best-gadgets/.

Concept vehicle
Autonomous vehicles should do more than simply drive. Toyota’s driverless Concept-i vehicle essentially runs on artificial intelligence. The company claims the car will be able to learn more about the drivers’ preferences and needs over time, such as suggesting destinations after a driver chats with the vehicle’s virtual assistant, called “Yui.”

For more information visit http://time.com/4626654/ces-2017-best-gadgets/.

Stay cool
Looking to cool off this summer? With a cooling capacity of 3 degrees Celsius for a 12 square meter room, the Geizeer eco-friendly cooling system can be run for a full 24 hours, but cost as little as $.01. The portable unit uses wood – said to be a great thermal insulator – together with any cool substance, such as ice, to deliver cool air. With the lid closed, the two points of power come in contact, activating the built-in fan. As warmer air is forced inside, the ice cube shrinks, pushing cold air out. The Geizeer is available in natural wood, as well as a range of colors. ($119)

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Stay cooler
The Culer 3-Speed Double Port Space Cooler is designed to absorb the heat from the air, reportedly reducing the temperature by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to being chemical free and energy efficient, the lightweight unit is U.S.A. made and comes with a one-year warranty. Users need only fill it with water and turn on for up to 9 hours of cooling.

For more information visit http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/culer-3-speed-double-port-space-cooler/.

Artificial Intelligence
Whereas editing video can be labor-intensive using traditional software, the Graava video camera reportedly uses artificial intelligence to identify and automatically edit the best moments of footage. Users select the desired length of the final video, and the system automatically edits their footage. Additionally, footage from two or more Graavas can be seamlessly and automatically combined to show multiple point-of-views in the same final video clip.

For more information visit http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/graava-action-camera-that-does-the-editing-for-you/.

Rechargeable speaker
The Rock Out 2 Rechargeable Speaker by Goal Zero is designed to play 20 hours of non-stop music on one full charge, without draining a music device’s battery. The speaker can be charged using a conventional USB port or use a Nomad 7 Solar Panel. ($74.16)

For more information visit http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/rock-2-rechargable-speaker-goal-zero/.

Water safety…for the iPhone
The Watershot Pro Underwater iPhone 5/5S Housing safeguards iPhones from underwater wear, tear, shock and pressure. The casing works for a depth of 195 feet or 60 meters and comes with two large, removable lenses, a flat port and wide angle designed to provide a field-of-view to about 110 degrees. By downloading the Watershot App from the App Store, the user can enhance the iPhone’s camera features while the phone remains safely protected underwater. ($107.27)

For more information visit http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/watershot-pro-underwater-iphone-55s-housing/.

Poolside protection for larger devices
Plan to work poolside this summer? The waterproof DryCASE iPad case is a clear, flexible, waterproof case designed to protect a tablet, electronic reader or large handheld device, while permitting complete use. ($31.16)

For more information visit http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/waterproof-vacuum-seal-tablet-case/.

Cooling – and heating – seat cushions

For sales reps who spend lots of time in their cars, the Viotek Heating & Cooling Seat Cushion For Vehicles offers an additional layer of heating, cooling and ventilation, and isolation. The cushion is available in four colors is said to make a cool – or a hot – addition to one’s car. For more information visit http://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/viotek-heating-cooling-seat-cushion-for-vehicles/.