Quidel Corporation partners with the Bay Area Lyme Foundation to heighten public awareness of Lyme disease

April 14, 2021  –  With Lyme disease season breaking out across the U.S., Quidel Corporation has partnered with the Bay Area Lyme (BAL) Foundation to help heighten public awareness of this health condition.

Quidel is a leading developer of rapid Lyme disease testing.

As part of its collaboration, Quidel will serve as the sponsor for BAL’s series of free speaker forums that focus on research and science in the field of Lyme disease as well as Lyme disease prevention. These events provide new information on various Lyme topics in an open-discussion format, all designed to bring awareness around the Lyme disease epidemic with rapid ways to diagnose and treat it.

The first in the series will be held via zoom on May 19 and will discuss the topic of “Herbal Treatments for Tick-Borne Diseases.”

Quidel will also be a primary sponsor of BAL’s Emerging Leader Awards, which recognize both established and up-and-coming researchers who bring creative thinking to the field of Lyme disease.

These grants support new and innovative projects and aim to attract aspiring new scientific talent to the field of Lyme. In addition, Quidel will sponsor the annual LymeAid Gala, the foundation’s annual benefit dinner and live concert to be held later this year.

Leading the way in Lyme disease testing is Quidel’s innovative Sofia 2 Lyme FIA. This test provides the patient and their physician with indicative results within 15 minutes, the company says. Performed in the privacy of a doctor’s office or local clinic, it is also the only test that can get results from a finger prick.

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