Quidel selected by Delaware for COVID-19 testing program at schools

July 20, 2021  –  Quidel Corporation (San Diego, CA) announced it is entering a partnership with the state of Delaware to implement a full-service, turn-key COVID-19 testing program to support the reopening of K-12 schools in the fall through its new service provider, Quidel Services, LLC.

Under Quidel’s full-service program, Quidel will be responsible for staffing test locations, coordinating sample collection, running the tests, and reporting results to the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) and the participating schools and school districts to provide asymptomatic COVID-19 screening.

Students and faculty who opt-in to the COVID-19 screening program will be tested with Quidel’s rapid antigen tests.

DPH and Delaware’s Department of Education will launch the initiative at five pilot schools for summer school enrollees.

Quidel can expand the program to all of the State’s K-12 schools when classrooms fully reopen for the fall semester. Under the optional program, parental permission is required for participating students.

Dr. Richard Pescatore, DPH Chief Physician, said, “We are committed to ensuring student, educator and staff safety as we reopen schools and associated student activities. We will monitor results from weekly school testing closely to identify trends and provide schools with the best guidance possible based on that data. The surest defenses against COVID-19 are vigilant screening and surveillance. Our rapid antigen in-school testing program with Quidel makes that possible.”

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