Saranas awarded Technology Breakthroughs contract with Premier

September 29, 2020  –  Saranas, Inc. (Houston, TX) was awarded a group purchasing agreement with Premier Inc. (Charlotte, NC) as part of Premier’s Technology Breakthroughs program.

This new agreement, effective November 1, 2020, will allow Premier members to receive special pricing and access to the Early Bird device, which that provides accurate and actionable bleed detection, enabling effective intervention before the patient shows symptoms or recovery is impacted.

The Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System includes a bleed detection array with integrated electrodes in a fully functional vascular access sheath. The Early Bird is designed to measure changes in bioimpedance to detect and monitor bleeding from vessel injury during endovascular procedures, such as a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), hemodynamic support device placement, or other complex endovascular interventions, where the femoral artery or vein is used to obtain vascular access.

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