September/October 2005 Issue

Publisher’s LetterExecutive Interview
VHA settles on a focal point: VHA CEO Curt Nonomaque talks about a new approach to the market.

Expectations High for HIGPA’s 10th EXPO

Outsourcing Reprocessing: Safety Check or Safety Hazard
Reprocessing single-use devices continues to raise eyebrows as manufacturers, reprocessing vendors and GPOs debate the safety of the process.

Getting Docs Onboard
Gainsharing is among the methods of aligning doctors’ and hospitals’ incentives.

Novation Warns Members of ‘Fragile’ Distribution Market
GPO asks hospital members to develop a logistics strategy that considers the costs – and savings – of using distributors effectively.

Tragedy Tightens Supply Chain

Cleveland Clinic Follows Many Paths to Cost Reduction

View from Washington
Medicaid: The Healthcare Program Eating the States

Contracting News

Observation Deck

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