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Improving Infection Control Outcomes: Antimicrobial scale|
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 2 million hospital patients contract a Healthcare Acquired Infection (HAI) each year, costing the hospitals an estimated $45 billion annually and leading to 100,000 patient deaths.* Infection Control is a serious issue in the healthcare industry, and Health o meter ®Professional Scales is proud to offer the first and only professional Antimicrobial** scale. Health o meter® Professional Scales has developed the new 3001KL-AM Antimicrobial scale as another valuable tool for medical facilities in the fight against HAIs. This new scale features Dupont™ Alesta®AM patented*** antimicrobial powder coating on the scale’s handrails and transport handle. This unique powder coating uses silver ionic technology that can suppress the growth of microorganisms and limit the transmission of harmful microbes, helping reduce patient and staff exposure to various bacteria and viruses.

This new Antimicrobial scale also includes important Patient Safety features such as a low profile platform and “live” handrails. Additionally, healthcare professionals will value the scale’s transport handle and rugged, scuff-proof wheels for their durability and convenience. The new 3001KL-AM also includes beneficial features that come standard on Health o meter®Professional digital scales such as Body Mass Index functionality, EMR connectivity, and an industry leading 1,000 lb/ 454 kg capacity. Special options for this scale include a mechanical height rod, and for a limited time only, customers can have the scale shipped to their facility pre-assembled – at no extra charge!

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** Antimicrobial protection is limited to the treated article and does not protect a user against disease-causing bacteria.
*** Patents US6093407(A), US643241 (B1)
Axalta Coating Systems LLC and all affiliates. Alesta® is a registered trademark owned by Axalta Coating Systems LLC and all affiliates.
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