Supplylogix enhances Pinpoint Order software to help pharmacy customers better track inventory movement

August 11, 2020 – Supplylogix (Dallas, TX), a division of McKesson Corporation, announced the availability of the latest enhancement to the Pinpoint Order software. The new Inventory Segmentation feature expands on the existing functionality of Pinpoint Order, giving users a dashboard to view their medication categories, in groups of 10, and the associated inventory costs.

The company says that Pinpoint Order is an easy-to-use, highly configurable inventory management tool that provides pharmacies with centralized control of in-stock and carrying cost parameters. The new Inventory Segmentation module automatically groups and ranks drug “families” based on the number of prescriptions dispensed over a 30-day period. Having the associated NDC numbers, total inventory value and the calculated percentage of total inventory for each grouping delivers a snapshot of inventory movement and aids in the ordering process for each category from the most heavily prescribed to the least.

Inventory Segmentation highlights an extensive investment in product innovation for the powerful suite of tools that enable pharmacies to maximize replenishment activities, increase efficiencies, and minimize losses from returns, thereby helping to lower operating costs, the company says.

Supplylogix is a high-growth software company that develops and delivers practical supply chain intelligence solutions for pharmacy and related businesses. Founded in 2010, Supplylogix applications process millions of transactions every day on behalf of more than 12,000 national and regional retail pharmacies.

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