Sysmex America introduces eSupply inventory management solution

November 30, 2021 – Sysmex America, Inc. introduced eSupply, an inventory management solution to help laboratories drive operational efficiencies across their supply chain by reducing reagent waste and limiting unnecessary costs. eSupply’s easy-to-use interface utilizes predictive learning algorithms to proactively analyze and recommend the inventory quantity to adjust for laboratory reagent usage patterns.

“eSupply eliminates common inventory management challenges such as stock-outs or excess inventory space and budget management issues,” said Andy Hay, chief executive officer of Sysmex America. “The automated, smart solution provides workflow efficiencies needed to manage the escalating healthcare demands and labor shortages of today and beyond.”

According to the company, eSupply leverages artificial intelligence to:

  • Reduce on-hand inventory
  • Consolidate and decrease shipping costs
  • Minimize time spent ordering and handling
  • Lowers costs with fewer redundant, urgent and inaccurate orders
  • Automatically create orders, notify and manage reagent inventory

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