UC Davis Health CoLab Incubator announces first startup 

January 10, 2023 – WellCent, the first startup to come out of the UC Davis Health CoLab Innovation Technology Incubator, was introduced this week at the UC Davis Health Future & Health CEO Summit. 

The new company, founded by Chrysanthy Demos, has developed a platform to equip patients and caregivers with validated medical devices and resources, making care at home straightforward and seamless. WellCent’s integrated care platform filters resources and provides training to make innovations in healthcare easy to use and understand. 

UC Davis Health is at the forefront of developing innovative technologies that are transforming medicine and making care more accessible to patients at home. In the last year, the prominent academic medical center created a Digital Health Equity Program to improve digital health access for vulnerable populations in Northern California. The health system also also recently announced a new partnership with General Catalyst to drive artificial intelligence and digital health innovations. 

WellCent is reinventing home health care, by translating new digital health technologies and making them more equitable and accessible to the community.”—Chrysanthy Demos 

According to the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, more than one in five Americans (21.3 percent) are caregivers. This means they’ve provided care to an adult or child with medical needs at some time in the past 12 months. This totals an estimated 53 million adults in the United States, an increase of 9.5 million family caregivers from five years prior. 

WellCent is the latest initiative from UC Davis Health to advance digital medicine through its Digital CoLab (Digital Collaborative for Innovation and Validation) and the first startup to have come from its incubator. 

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