Vizient launches Integrated Clinical Preference Solution to lower PPI costs

September 10, 2020  –  Vizient, Inc. (Irving, TX) has launched its Integrated Clinical Preference Solution, an accelerated local approach to drive supply chain strategy and improve performance. The new program helps hospitals achieve sustainable value on physician preference items (PPI) in key categories. Through a combination of expertise, technology and data, the solution enables supply chain leaders to build stronger alliances with physicians, service line leaders and key supplier partners allowing them to drive the organizational change required to reduce the total cost of care.

Vizient’s Integrated Clinical Preference Solution is designed to support organizations at every point along their journey to comprehensive category management. Through efficiencies gained from technology, organizations can reduce contract cycle time, access automated crowd sourced cross references, and monitor newly implemented pricing and rebates. In addition, support provided by experts who synthesize data from multiple sources including market insights and cost, clinical, and financial data engages physicians and other stakeholders to empower supply chain leaders to efficiently drive sustainable change.

The solution brings together two of Vizient’s assets — a services-led approach based on deep subject matter expertise and analytics delivered through the technological power of aptitude®, Vizient’s dynamic contracting platform.

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