Vizient launches online vaccine resource center for hospitals

October 26, 2020  –  Vizient, Inc. (Irving, TX) announced the launch of the Vizient Vaccine Resource Center, an online aggregation of information on COVID-19 vaccine developments.

The GPO says that the resource provides hospitals access to a COVID-19 vaccine tracker for development status updates, clinical information, data on each vaccine candidate, and readiness assessment tools to more effectively plan for providing COVID vaccinations as well as flu and other immunizations.

The Vaccine Resource Center includes the following:

  • Vaccine development tracker: Updated weekly, the tracker provides a list of manufacturers working to create a COVID-19 vaccine and their most recent status updates.
  • Vaccine candidate comparison: Updated bi-weekly, the side-by-side comparison offers an in-depth clinical look at top COVID-19 vaccine candidates, including the technology behind each vaccine as well as dosage and clinical trial details.
  • Vaccine assessment checklist: Considerations to help hospitals determine their level of preparedness to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Additional links to key resources hospitals need as part of their readiness planning.

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