Walgreens to build $30M high-tech, micro-fulfillment center in Kansas City, MO

November 29, 2021  –  Walgreens will open a new $30 million high-tech, micro-fulfillment center in the metro Kansas City area.

Walgreens will invest in Liberty, Missouri, with the development of a new 65,000-plus square-foot micro-fulfillment facility at the Liberty Commerce Center, which will open in fall 2022, and will create an estimated 200 jobs. It is one of nine facilities planned to operate across the nation by the end of 2022.

“These fulfillment centers are dedicated to fulfilling retail prescription orders and play an important role in our effort to create the pharmacy of the future, one that further enables our store pharmacy teams to spend more of their time providing front-line patient care,” Walgreens said.

The new operation will create 200 jobs and more than $8 million in payroll. New job opportunities at this facility will include pharmacist and pharmacy technician positions, as well as maintenance technician, function lead and other operational roles.

The micro-fulfillment model implemented in the new facility is expected to increase the speed at which products are delivered to retail stores, to pick-up lockers and directly to customers’ homes.

In addition to the established and robust logistics network currently serving retail stores, Walgreens will partner with UPS and FedEx, as well as same-day-delivery companies like Uber and DoorDash for direct-to-consumer shipping.

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