What makes a GPO stand out from the others?

We’ll let them answer that.

A group purchasing organization, like any other business in America today, must continually evaluate its position in the market, and make adjustments if necessary. GPO executives must ask questions like, “What does it mean to be a GPO today?” “Should we offer services beyond a portfolio of contracts, and if so, how extensive should they be?” “Should we extend our mission beyond supply chain management?” “To what extent should we help our members sign regional agreements of their own?” “What’s our private label strategy?” “How do we stay relevant?”

Beneath all these questions, though, lie the most fundamental ones of all: “What makes us unique?” and “Why should an IDN choose us over our competitors?”

The Journal of Healthcare Contracting recently asked the national GPOs a series of questions to help readers determine what makes each of those GPOs unique. Here is what they said.

University HealthSystem Consortium

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