What Motivates Today’s Leaders

December 2022 – The Journal of Healthcare Contracting

John Pritchard

As VP Supply Chain and Support Services, UAB Medicine, Laura Kowalczyk believes that leadership is her most important responsibility. She is both fascinated by and interested in studying what characteristics define a good leader. It’s led her to read about leaders across many industries and to consistently seek feedback from other leaders, staff and experts formally and informally.

“I am always so thankful to be able to listen and learn from other leaders on how they manage the many challenges of leadership in our complex environment,” Kowalczyk told us in an interview for The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

Kowalczyk is one of 10 Women Leaders in Supply Chain we highlight in this issue. Each were gracious enough to share their thoughts and experiences on how the supply chain has changed over the pandemic, what projects they are invested in, and the main challenges their organization faces heading into 2023.

They also discuss how they intend to grow in their role and spheres of influence. For instance, Terri Nelson, MAHA, BSN RN, Senior Director Value Analysis, Mayo Clinic said she’s always on the lookout for new ways to achieve better outcomes for the staff she has worked for. “Yes, a good leader works for the staff they support,” she told us. “Over my career I have found that communication skills have the biggest impact. The ability to articulate what you do and the value you add to an organization is key.”

Dameka Miller, Vice President, Strategic Sourcing & Value Analysis for Trinity Health said it’s important for her to know how she is showing up and perceived by others, so she regularly asks for feedback from her own leader, who she trusts and respects. “I am purposeful about initiating the conversation to create space for honest, real-time observations.” Miller also said mentoring emerging leaders keeps her perspective fresh and offers insight into what motivates the next generation.

We hope you enjoy the insights from these leaders and more in the December issue of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

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