Women Leaders

Mark Thill

Observation Deck

The stories the “Women Leaders in Supply Chain” shared with us for this month’s feature are instructive for women and men.

For example, more than one woman expressed her gratitude to a mentor who urged her to take credit – and responsibility – for her accomplishments. More than one woman was grateful to those who encouraged her to take a risk in her career; sometimes that involved leaping from the clinical side to the supply chain and business sides of the industry. Some cited adversity as being a stimulus for growth – such as being a single mother facing a layoff. Others were grateful to those who showed them how to work as part of a team or how to make professional presentations. All were simply just grateful to those who gave them a chance.

We didn’t plan it this way, but our “Women Leaders in Supply Chain” feature comes at an important moment in this country’s history, as we are flooded with allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace and elsewhere. Unlike those stories, many of which illustrate fear cloaked as power, these stories demonstrate something much different: Leadership.

Mark Thill

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  1. “Supply Chain Professional” is neither feminine or masculine in definition nor is it solely performance based. In my almost 39 years, the best SCPs I have had the privilege of working along side have been women, and I married one of them 🙂 , their passion, focus, loyalty and clear understanding of how we impact the delivery of care is second to none. Congratulations to those women mentioned in the article and all those that were not for their devotion to a profession that is as old as any, without Logistics, nothing moves.

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