Your Leadership in 2015

By Dan Nielsen

Prepare yourself for an unprecedented year. This year will be filled with almost unbelievable technological and other rapid, dramatic change in every industry and every organization in the world, including every healthcare organization.

2015 will bring incredible opportunities for personal, professional, and organizational success. The new year will also bring many difficult personal, professional, and organizational challenges in every organization and in every area of our economy and society.

But at least one thing will not change but will remain an absolute reality. That reality is that “leadership excellence is the ultimate strategy for success!”

Bottom line, leadership excellence really is the ultimate strategy for success. In every organization throughout the entire world, leadership excellence results in great success. Lack of leadership excellence results in not achieving full potential and maximum success. Poor leadership always results in poor performance and poor results.

2015 will bring incredible opportunities to excellent leaders who engage, inspire, and empower those they lead. That is why I am well into writing a book that will be published mid-2015 titled Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower.

For those of us with big dreams, big goals, and a sincere desire to make a difference and leave a positive legacy, 2015 provides a clean slate and limitless opportunity. Achieve your big dreams, big goals, and your sincere desire to make a difference and leave a positive legacy. Pursue leadership excellence. Be an inspirational leader, and engage, inspire, and empower!

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About the Author

Dan Nielsen
About Dan Nielsen Dan Nielsen is the author of the books Presidential Leadership (2013) and Be An Inspirational Leader (2016). He regularly writes and speaks on the topics of Leadership Excellence and Achieving Greater Success, and is available to deliver keynote presentations or facilitate discussions for your organization. For more info, please visit or email Dan at
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