Ansell receives AAA recyclability rating for surgical gloves SMART Pack 

May 18, 2023 – Ansell has received the highest recyclability certification by Institut Cyclos-HTP (CHI), a globally recognized organization that assess and certifies the recyclability of packaging and goods, confirming a AAA rating for the SMART Pack™ packaging for surgical gloves. This AAA rating further affirms Ansell’s commitment to lead sustainable packaging design through its SMART Pack™ initiative which begun in 2016. 

The individual components tested according to CHI standards include shipper carton, dispenser box, inner wallet and the thermoforming pouch. Each component was tested within its designated recycling pathway to see how it would fare in real world conditions. Each component was also then carefully evaluated in its recyclate (end recycling state) to ensure it met recycling standards for onwards repurposing. The tests were simulated based on the recycling processes within 32 countries which included China, United Kingdom and Belgium. 

“We are thrilled with the result of AAA rating from Institut Cyclos-HTP. Our teams are committed in ensuring our recyclability claims are authentic and possible in real world circumstances. A nod like this is testament to the team’s hard work and commitment to providing customers with products with sustainability in mind,” said Monica Sagardoy, Senior Global Marketing Director, Surgical Gloves & Life Sciences Business Unit. “This has been positive confirmation that we are leading in the right direction when it comes to sustainable packaging for our surgical gloves.” 

SMART Pack™ dispenser boxes are up to 50% smaller compared to key competitors in the market, making it a great space saver on hospital shelves. In a world of growing environmental awareness, discover the new ways in which Ansell is ensuring safety more sustainably. Visit our sustainability site. 

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