Archwell Health on community engagement and healthy aging

April 10, 2024- According to Archwell Health, staying connected to your community and a supportive social network as you age is good for more than just making new friends. It’s true: social and community connections can also boost physical and mental health.

In later years of life, it’s natural for loved ones to pass away, and longtime friends or family members may move to other cities. As a result, your social circle can shrink considerably, leading to senior isolation, which is linked with heart disease, depression and cognitive decline, according to the National Institute on Aging.

The good news is, making new friends and thriving in your community may be easier than you think — and there are benefits for your body and mind.

Archwell Health recommends that seniors form friendships, foster community social connections, join exercise classes, and attend local senior centers to stay healthy and avoid lonliness.

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