Building Wellness Communities

by Mary Pritchard

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to be a little more mindful about your overall wellness. Your physical, mental, and emotional health usually tend to be best when you’re being proactive about how to better them. The following are initiatives that healthcare organizations – one an insurance provider, another a health system – are using to promote overall wellness while also insuring and protecting it.

UnitedHealthcare and Peloton

What if there was a way to get a health plan and a workout plan, all for the price of one? Starting September 1, eligible UnitedHealthcare insurance members were able to gain access to the Peloton app for up to 12 months free, or receive a four-month waiver towards their All-Access membership. Peloton has thousands of live and on-demand classes via the Peloton mobile app. These classes can improve their overall fitness and well-being, making this the first relationship of its kind between Peloton and a health plan. This collaboration helps both organizations achieve their joint goal of making fitness and overall wellness more attainable and accessible for almost anyone, according to a release.

“Expanding access to Peloton’s industry-leading health and wellness community builds upon our commitment to developing digital health resources and consumer-centric benefits to help people live healthier lives,” said Philip Kaufman, chief operating officer, UnitedHealthcare Employer.

William Lynch, president of Peloton, said: “Peloton members have always shared how much movement and activity positively impacts their mental, physical and emotional health. Knowing that we can positively impact our members’ lives and help them be the best versions of themselves is one of the reasons we are collaborating with UnitedHealthcare and launched Peloton Corporate Wellness to work directly with organizations. Peloton and UnitedHealthcare are both committed to making movement and fitness more accessible and available and we can’t wait to welcome UnitedHealthcare members to the Peloton community.”

Piedmont Healthcare’s Walk with a Doc

With its Walk with a Doc initiative, Atlanta, Georgia-based Piedmont Healthcare is hoping to give people some quality time with a doctor while doing something that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Atlanta locals are invited to go on a walk around the park to gain some wisdom and knowledge from local healthcare professionals who are also invited on the walk. Walk with a Doc is an event held in Piedmont Park every third Saturday of every month from May to October. It provides people with the opportunity to “walk and talk” with Piedmont Healthcare professionals. During the walks around the park, healthcare professionals will discuss a health topic briefly and then answer questions as the group goes for a walk. These events are free of charge and pets are welcomed. The program provides walking participants with an opportunity to talk about health outside of an office setting and get one-on-one time with a healthcare professional.

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