Editor’s Note May 2010

E-fficient Information

In this digital edition of the Journal of Healthcare Contracting, we profile supply chain efficiency solutions. Not surprisingly, “efficiency” correlates nicely to recent happenings in the media/publishing world. Think about it: BlackBerrys, iPhones and iPads, Twitter feeds, RSS Feed and Facebook updates – and blogs upon blogs. The way news and information gets to you is changing, and we’re changing with it. When you have a minute, check out our Facebook page (Search for: The Journal of Healthcare Contracting) and Twitter account (@ContractingNews). We’ll update the Facebook page regularly with industry news and the latest on healthcare reform, articles on leadership and organization structure, as well as sneak peeks into upcoming content for the printed and digital magazines. Our goal is for the site to become a hub for the health system supply chain community to get into and out of the world-wide Web with tailored, useful content and discussions. Like anything on the Web, it’s viral and could lead us down a number of different routes, so another offshoot we hope to accomplish is making the site a forum for any manner of topics, whether it be the latest on the healthcare reform debate, or tips on how working with distribution or the latest in supply chain technologies. We’ll glean some of the best stuff and put it in upcoming magazines as a taste-test. Look for that in the coming months, and we’ll look for you online!