FDA issues final guidance to clarify “remanufacturing” of devices that need maintenance or repair

May 14, 2024- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued final guidance to provide the medical device industry clarity on the definition of “remanufacturing” for reusable devices needing maintenance or repair. The final guidance seeks to ensure that there is consistency regarding what constitutes remanufacturing activities and to promote a better understanding of applicable federal law and regulations implicated by remanufacturing activities.

The final guidance sets guiding principles that the FDA recommends applying in the context of remanufacturing, a flowchart to help determine whether activities may be remanufacturing and examples that may be helpful to industry. The guidance also recommends certain information be included in the labeling of reusable medical devices regarding their preventive maintenance and repair, including instructions on how to adequately return a device to its performance and safety specifications established by the OEM.

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