Forming partnerships and driving value

May 20, 2024- The beauty and challenge of the healthcare supply industry is that it’s built almost entirely off of relationships. The upside to this is that by building these relationships between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and IDNs, you can partner together to facilitate better business arrangements and, most importantly, create better outcomes for patients. The challenge is that it can be hard to build these relationships without an “in”, especially when you’re trying to connect with IDNs.

Last fall, The Journal of Healthcare Contracting hosted IDN Insights West in Marina Del Rey, California, highlighting some of the most progressive, largest healthcare systems in the West region of the United State. Sponsored by Allergan Aesthetics, speakers at this event covered how large health systems measure successful contracts, the challenges these health systems are dealing with, what successful supplier/provider relationships look like, and how to best partner with a GPO. These are some of the highlights from the sessions at IDN Insights West.

Learn More in the latest issue of JHC.

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