GHX unveils 5 predictions for healthcare supply chain in 2021

November 23, 2020 – Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) (Louisville, CO) has announced its top five predictions for the healthcare supply chain during 2021.

“While COVID-19 highlighted fissures in the global healthcare supply chain, it also underscored the importance of the supply chain in driving healthcare’s digital transformation,” GHX said in a press release.

The Five predictions from GHX are:

1. The move to value-based care will accelerate, breaking down silos in the organization and the technology infrastructure.

2. The era of post-modern ERP will dawn in healthcare, marked by widespread adoption of cloud solutions and enterprise modernization.

3. Hospitals with stronger balance sheets will drive more market consolidation.

4. The industry’s focus on supply chain resiliency will transform healthcare into a “team sport.”

5. Data standards will be more broadly adopted to support immediate pandemic and future emergency response needs.

Learn More about each prediction here