Healthmark releases newest borescope 

March 23, 2023 – Healthmark Industries is delighted to introduce its newest FIS-007 Flexible Inspection Scope, the “CT-103”, to its ProSys™ Optical Inspection product line. Designed to visually inspect internal channels of potentially soiled or damaged items, the modular FIS-007 provides enhanced light, vision, and magnification. It also offers users the option to document photos and videos of lumens and crevices not visible to the unaided eye.  

The “CT-103” is an interchangeable flexible inspection scope attachment that has a diameter of 1.9mm and is a shorter version of the already offered “CT-101”. The “CT-103” has a working length of 60cm and attaches to a 13.3W x 9.9L x 4.7H cm control box, allowing for light level adjustments, image capture*, and video recording*. The 1.06mm “CT-102” is designed to inspect internal channels of 1.1mm in diameter or larger, and the 1.9mm “CT-101” & “CT-103” are designed to inspect internal channels of 2.0mm in diameter or larger. 

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