Henry Schein Medical expands SolutionsHub with Rimidi 

November 16, 2022 – Henry Schein Medical announced the expansion of its SolutionsHub with Rimidi, a SaaS company that brings together remote patient monitoring tools, patient reported outcomes, and clinical decision support to help clinicians enhance patient care. As a result of this new distribution agreement, Henry Schein will offer its clinic, medical group, and health system customers access to Rimidi’s cloud-based software platform. As a result, this relationship will help further expand efforts to deliver to these health care providers an efficient model of care for patients with chronic conditions. 

Integrated with a broad range of connected medical devices, including cellular and Bluetooth-enabled blood-glucose meters, scales, blood pressure cuffs, pulse-oximeters, insulin dosing pens, and continuous glucose monitors, Rimidi’s software platform facilitates remote patient monitoring (RPM), patient reported outcomes, and clinical decision support into the clinical workflow. This allows for data aggregation across multiple devices into a single, streamlined solution that integrates with the clinician’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and offers time effective and robust data-informed clinical decision support. 

Physician-founded and led, Rimidi is designed to support health care providers with their quality improvement, patient engagement, and workflow optimization objectives. Current clinical use cases of the Rimidi platform include chronic, cardiometabolic conditions, epidemic management, and perioperative care. 

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