HHS launches national sarcopenia awareness campaign

August 24, 2023- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health (OWH) has launched a new nationwide campaign, “Stronger than Sarcopenia,” [saar-ko-pee-ni-uh], to raise awareness of sarcopenia in women, a condition characterized by loss of muscle mass, strength, and function in adults 65 and older.  Sarcopenia can significantly decrease a person’s quality of life and lead to other health problems, including an increased risk of debilitatingfalls and fractures.

Studies have found a nationwide decline in physical activity in recent years due to changes in lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sarcopenia is often made worse by a lack of physical activity.

To better prepare health care professionals to identify and address sarcopenia among their patients, OWH collaborated with Medscape Education to develop continuing medical education (CME) credits for health care professionals. This peer-reviewed and accredited CME activity will improve health care professionals’ knowledge and skills related to the screening, evaluation, treatment, and management of sarcopenia.

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