Hire Heroes USA Success Story

When Michael Stedman’s enlistment in the U.S. Army was up in January 2010, he knew he wanted to eventually work at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). But like many veterans readjusting to civilian life, he just wasn’t sure of the process or the stepping stones required to get there. That’s where Hire Heroes USA came in. The organization, which provides employment transition assistance for returning service men and women, directed Stedman to attend a COMPASS workshop, which Stedman said proved invaluable.

“The help that [Hire Heroes USA] gave me to get me to the COMPASS retreat in Pennsylvania, and the resume that [Hire Heroes USA] helped me build, I have now been offered and accepted a job with the Department of the Army,” he said in a Thank You e-mail to the organization.
Stedman was a member of the U.S. Army’s 1st Cavalry Division for four years. He served as a squad leader assigned to the Personal Security Detachment, 1st Squadron, and 9th Cavalry Regiment from June 2008 through May 2009, while deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Some of Stedman’s daily missions included providing direct close quarter security to many high level government officials, such as Congressmen, Senators and Squadron Commanders. Stedman also conducted routine short and long range reconnaissance missions to which he was responsible for reporting daily risk assessments critical to counter intelligence operations.

Stedman’s current position is “Ops Assistant,” which is in Stedman’s desired field of emergency management. His starting date with the Department of the Army was in April.

For more information on Hire Heroes USA, its programs and mission, and how you and your company can help, visit http://www.hireheroesusa.org/

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