IDN Insights: A healthcare ecosystem 

December 2, 2022 – Clinton Hazziez sees healthcare as an ecosystem of relationships. 

“The nurturers are the innovators and progressive organizations that are ready to share in the risk and reward for the sake of the ecosystem,” said Hazziez, vice president of supply chain and sourcing for Baylor, Scott & White Health. “Providers – those closest to the patients – are struggling because they can’t pay enough or keep enough people. Will those nurturer organizations do something for the greater good even if it means 5% off their bottom lines?” 

Hazziez says most providers want to know what these organizations can do for them. Can they make a health system smarter or more efficient? 

“For every dollar made in the U.S. healthcare system, 30% is estimated to go to non-clinical administrative tasks. That’s estimated to be $1 trillion,” he said. “And now, that’s landed on supply chain’s front porch. That includes the cost of issuing a purchase order, the procure-to-pay cycle, the time spent on correcting invoices and managing the minutiae of contracting.” 

While there’s an opportunity to improve, he’s concerned the industry is slowly regressing to pre-pandemic thinking. 

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