Improve care quality and drive high reliability with a complete quality strategy

September 15, 2023- According to Medline, novice healthcare employees, higher stressors on healthcare staff, and the rising complexity of care can all negatively impact patient health outcomes. Facilities exemplifying consistent strong outcomes on key metrics have the ability to improve overall care quality.

According to Medline, 40 percent of healthcare workers comply with hand hygiene practices, and 50 percent of nurses did not maintain aseptic technique during dressing changes. Though this is an increasing issue in the healthcare industry, proper caregiver knowledge and education can prepare physicians and help them maintain proper hygiene in the workplace.

Medline University offers online continuing education courses that allow staff to improve competence on health-related topics and improve caregiver knowledge. Other resources include safe mobility workplace training and hiring and retention information, all aimed at creating an overall safe and healthy workplace environment.

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