Jocelyn Bradshaw

Senior Vice President, Strategic Sourcing
Nashville, Tennessee

Comments from nominator Michael Berryhill, COO of HealthTrust:

Jocelyn Bradshaw leads the sourcing teams responsible for negotiating contracts across the entire care continuum, which includes nursing, surgery, lab, radiology, pharmacy and capital equipment, as well as the HealthTrust global sourcing team in Shanghai, China. She oversees the HealthTrust Supply Chain Board and clinical advisory boards, and directs the supplier diversity program and environmental sustainability efforts. 

Jocelyn has held executive level roles in the GPO marketplace for 15 years. As a leader of negotiators, she is a great role model, demonstrating skills at setting strategic direction for the core GPO portfolio. Her unflappable demeanor creates a steadfast presence that suppliers and providers have come to rely on through many challenging situations. She is a popular mentor in the HealthTrust Leadership Development Program, which is a critical component of the company’s talent management and succession planning strategy. Her work ethic, intelligence, professionalism and focus on the patient are key attributes to our success. We at HealthTrust could not be more pleased to have her as part of the Senior Leadership Team.

HealthTrust at a glance: HealthTrust provides group purchasing, consulting and clinical integration assistance to more than 1,500 hospitals and 3,200 non-hospital sites.

  • Year joined HealthTrust: 2013
  • Born/raised: Born in Amarillo, Texas; raised in Fort Worth area.
  • Degree(s): Bachelors of Science in Information Systems, University of Texas, Arlington
  • First “real job out of school: Started working for Johnson and Johnson in a vocational education program during my junior/senior years of high school. After graduating high school, I continued my employment at J&J, total of about 10 years.

Some prior work highlights:

  1. My time at J&J was invaluable. Having the opportunity at a young age to work in a Fortune 100 company provided me many learning opportunities that I otherwise may not have experienced, or at least certainly not as quickly. Being young, I really did not know what I truly wanted to do in my career. The team at J&J helped me explore various business roles (IT, finance, marketing, sales administration, contracting). It was here that I developed a passion for working in healthcare.
  2. The division of J&J I worked for ended up closing, and I took a position outside healthcare (LSG Sky Chefs/Lufthansa). I quickly realized I wanted to remain in healthcare and fortunately had the opportunity to take a position at Broadlane. I spent 8+ years at Broadlane. Again, a phenomenal team of people that allowed me a great opportunity to continue to grow/develop/learn.

A key mentor or event in your life: I have had the pleasure of working for/with some great bosses and leaders during my career. While I could certainly highlight a number of individuals who played a key role in my development, the individual who played the strongest role in setting my character and values is my father. My father did not have the opportunity for higher education and spent his working life trying very hard to take care of our family. My father believed that every job mattered and was worth doing well – big or small. He had a strong work ethic, never gave up, and always tried to be honest and strive to do what is right. I have tried to emulate those attributes as much as possible throughout my life.

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