Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott

Supply chain – IT program manager, Supply Chain Shared Services/Category Management | HonorHealth

JHC: What did you learn about yourself and your team in 2020?

Jordan Scott: I learned I’m surrounded by an incredible community of family, friends and colleagues who provided a sense of normalcy during moments of uncertainty.

Last year taught me how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and how to persevere through adversity.

Overall, our team has acclimated well to the new “normal” as we work remotely. We continue to discover new and efficient ways to solve problems, identify cost savings opportunities and improve best practices. Despite the circumstances, we remained aligned with our team goals and embraced the changes within our workflows. 

JHC: What is the most interesting/challenging project you’ve worked on recently?

Scott: While standardization remains a key initiative for the organization, the contract category that garnered a lot of interest was the sourcing and functionality of our survey tools. The variety of use cases for surveys provided a plethora of valuable business insights and confidential information on various topics of interest.

Partnering with stakeholders and end users, it became evident that investing in a platform that can efficiently gather individual sentiments and feedback from staff, secure protected health information (PHI) and assess organizational health will continue to advance our employee engagement.

JHC: What projects are you looking forward to in the next six to 12 months?

Scott: In the next six to 12 months, as we hopefully begin a gradual return to normal business operations, I look forward to collaborating with our Legal and IT departments to streamline and optimize HonorHealth’s contract intake process. Visibility from an IT perspective into new contract submissions, while creating additional safeguards, will ensure supplier technology integrates with our IT infrastructure and prevent software redundancy.

Currently, I’m a member of the Group Purchasing Organization’s (GPO) IT Service Committee where we evaluate, vote and award new suppliers and services that will be utilized by participating GPO member hospitals.

The opportunity to participate and learn about next-gen technology and systems will allow for new solution recommendations to keep HonorHealth at the forefront of transformative health care.

JHC: What is the biggest challenge/change facing health care supply chain professionals in the next five years?

Scott: As health systems continue to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, the biggest challenges will continue to revolve around supply chain’s preparedness of personal protective equipment, realizing cost savings to combat decreased hospital revenue and the management of supplier relationships.

Operational analytics produced from the current pandemic will provide valuable insights for supply chain departments to refine emergency preparation resources.

JHC: How do you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

Scott: I believe it’s important to identify your purpose and what type of leader would you like to be. Personally, the characteristics of a servant leader align with my philosophy to put others before myself.

Success in my leadership journey will be guided by my ability to learn from others who have more experience, embrace failures, step outside my comfort zone, and increase my emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Focusing on the journey and not the destination will allow for establishing meaningful goals and developing a solution-focused mindset.

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