July/August 2007 Issue

Publisher’s Letter

Is Healthcare Reform for Real this Time?
Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon believes the stars are in alignment for comprehensive, meaningful and bipartisan healthcare reform.

Down the Pike (New technology)

Sustainability is Key to the Health System of the Future
Two principles guide Palomar Pomerado’s building project – reducing environmental impact, and creating better healing and workplace environments.

The 10 People to Watch in Healthcare Contracting

Optimizing Quality and Cost
Premier seeks to prove that good patient care can be delivered safely and cost-effectively.

VHA Expansion
Purchases – and savings – are up for VHA customers as the GPO continues to add to its portfolio of services.

Proper Care
Caring for obese patients can be expensive. But, careful planning and management can limit additional expenses.

Helping Hands
Bob and Rita Boyles have taken in 75 foster kids and adopted one. Now they’re getting ready to adopt four more.

Forecasting Product Needs
Steve Pitzer believes healthcare is predictable, and he’s building a supply chain to support that view.

Contracting News

Observation Deck

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